KAL Architects has developed, assessed, renovated, and retrofitted Mechanical & Plumbing, Electrical & Emergency Power, Water Pumping, and Air Treatment Facilities for federal agencies, municipalities, and private sector utilities.

  • Upgrade Chiller Plant & DDC Controls at VAMC Long Beach

    KAL developed design and construction period services for the upgrade and replacement of the existing chillers, cooling towers, and primary & secondary chilled water pumps at VAMC Long Beach

  • AE-3 Technical Review of Clinic & HVAC renovation at Hurlburt Field

    KAL was tasked to conduct a Technical Review during the design and construction phases for Clinic & HVAC renovation at Hurlburt Field, Elgin AFB

  • Base-Wide Energy Study, MCAGCC, 29 Palms

    KAL conducted a basewide energy study at MCAGCC, 29 Palms

  • Conceptual Design to Repair Boilers for 2 Heat/Steam Plants at Hill AFB

    onducted a feasibility study and life-cycle analysis for the replacement of 11 boilers, some more than 50 years old and well-past their service life, at 2 heat/steam plants at Hill AFB

  • Design-Build RFP for Emergency Power Plant at VAMC Long Beach

    KAL was tasked with a 65% design for the installation of 2 new emergency power generators at the VAMC Long Beach campus ...

  • Mechanical & Electrical Assessments for 5 Structures at Ft. Meade

    KAL was tasked with providing assessments of the HVAC and electrical systems for 5 MEDCOM structures at Ft. Meade ...

  • Renovations of JSPOC Back-up Generator at Vandenberg AFB

    KAL provided A/E services to renovate Building 7005 and use it as a generator building supporting the JSPOC at Vandenberg AFB ...

  • Demolition of Aviation Facilities at Edwards AFB

    KAL was tasked with conducting a feasibility study for the demolition of the Airborne Laser Test Bed program at Edwards AFB ...

  • Design Development of Stone Canyon Pumping & Filtration Plant

    KAL was asked to develop a design for a new pumping & filtration plant in Bel Air ...

  • Seismic Upgrade of Utility Systems, VAMC Loma Linda

    KAL provided A/E services for the assessment and retrofitting of the seismic supports for the existing utility distribution systems in the basement's 4 interstitial levels and 32 service bays at VAMC Loma Linda ...

  • Design-Build Renovation & New Construction for 3 SCE Service Centers

    KAL was tasked to develop Design-Build RFPs for the renovation and new construction of 3 Southern California Edison service centers in Inyo County ...

  • A/E Services for Construction of 7 Air Treatment Facilities

    KAL provided architectural consulting services for the design and construction of 7 new air treatment facilities throughout the City of Los Angeles ...

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