Federal Facilities

KAL Architects has completed more than 300 projects for multiple federal agencies including the General Services Administration, the Department of Veteran's Affairs, the Air Force Command Engineering Center, the Navy Facilities Engineering Command, the US Coast Guard, the US Department of Agriculture, and the US Army Corps of Engineers.

  • Renovation of USAF Intelligence Facility Building

    KAL provided A/E services for a Planning Charette Report for the renovation of a US Air Force intelligence facility

  • Acquisition of Veterinarian Center at Ft. Belvoir

    KAL was tasked to provide A/E services for a D-B Acquisition of a veterinarian clinic at Ft. Belvoir ...

  • Conceptual Design to Repair/Consolidate Machine & Maintenance Shops

    KAL provided A/E services to support the repair of Machine and Maintenance Shops for the US Air Force ...

  • Repair of Transient Apron/Taxiways at Hill AFB

    KAL provided A/E services for the design of airfield pavement repairs with associated airfield lighting and markings for 2 projects at Hill AFB

  • Demolition of Aviation Facilities at Edwards AFB

    KAL was tasked with conducting a feasibility study for the demolition of the Airborne Laser Test Bed program at Edwards AFB ...

  • Program Development Study for Federal Building Complex in San Diego

    KAL conducted a Program Development Study for the Edward A. Schwartz Federal Complex & Courthouse in San Diego ...

  • Design-Build Explosives Ordnance Operations Center at MCAGCC in 29 Palms

    KAL was the LDF for this project to construct a new explosives ordnance operations center at the MCAGCC at 29 Palms

  • Renovations of JSPOC Back-up Generator at Vandenberg AFB

    KAL provided A/E services to renovate Building 7005 and use it as a generator building supporting the JSPOC at Vandenberg AFB ...

  • Renovations of Needham Theater at Port Hueneme Naval Base

    KAL was the LDF for the repair and rejuvenation of Needham Theater at the Port Hueneme Naval Base ...

  • Renovations to 3 Chapels at the National Training Center at Ft. Irwin

    KAL was tasked by the providing construction document for improvements to the Base Chapels at Ft, Irwin ...

  • Renovations & Repairs, Vehicle Maintenance Facility at Ft. Irwin

    KAL was tasked to develop Design-Bid-Build documents for renovation and repairs buildings 680 & 681 of the Vehicle Maintenance Facilities at the National Training Center, Ft. Irwin ...

  • "First Impressions" Renovations of Lobby at the Los Angeles Federal Building

    KAL was tasked to construction documents for the renovation or upgrade of the existing government facilities at the US Federal Office Building at 11000 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles

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