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Avtar Pall

Senior Structural Engineer, RE, SE

Mr. Pall has over 35 years of structural engineering experience in the commercial, residential, solar, health care, Department of Defense, petro-chemical, and industrial sectors. His experience encompasses project management, design, and fieldwork for projects of various magnitude and coMr. Pall’s project experience includes design of various multi-storied building projects, such as office buildings, schools, motels, parking garages, apartments, and residential housing utilizing concrete-reinforced and post tensioned concrete, masonry, wood, and structural steel framing systems. His petro-chemical experience includes design of large vessel foundations, containment structures, concrete pits, pipe rack support, and vessel platform structures. He also has experience in infrastructure studies, seismic retrofitting of facility buildings to meet current code requirements, renovation of existing buildings, assessing structural damage, and structural evaluation including determination of safety for further usage of the building in accordance with the guidelines given in the Applied Technical Council’s ATC 20.mplexities.

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