Renovations & Repairs, Vehicle Maintenance Facility at Ft. Irwin

KAL was tasked to develop Design-Bid-Build documents for renovation and repairs buildings 680 & 681 of the Vehicle Maintenance Facilities at the National Training Center, Ft. Irwin, California. We conducted an on-site survey to assess the existing building conditions for repair and upgrade of the mechanical and electrical utilities and provided separate construction documents for each site, making it feasible for the federal government to award separate building contracts for each structure. ​ Components of the project included: reconfiguration of grading at the north and south loading dock stairs and railings, making a portion of the guardrails removable to accommodate equipment delivery; removal and replacement of walls not up to current construction best practices and renovation of interior offices with new finishes; removal of existing swamp coolers and replacement with energy efficient HVAC systems; designed with specifications related to vehicle repair systems at the service bays including CO2 monitor systems, radiant heaters, and service doors (frames and hardware); reconfiguration of Women's Restroom to service as a unisex/disabled accessible restroom, and the design of a handwash station and waterless urinals in the Men's Restroom; the addition of 2 telecommunications closets for each building and upgrading of communications to CAT6; and new building automation and control network (BacNet) system (DDC with EMCS monitoring).

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