Sustainable Design

KAL Architects values the principles of sustainable design and over half of our staff is LEED Certified. LEED Designers aim to create buildings that impose little to no threat to the environment. Many of our designs, although not LEED Accredited, are designed with the principles in mind. Our designers constantly choose fixtures that are made from recycled materials and that reduce dependency on water and electricity. Below are several of our most recent LEED Accredited work:


VAMC San Diego Administration Building:


KAL Architects furnished the designs for a new Administration building at the VA Medical Center in La Jolla California. The building was designed to LEED Silver standards and includes energy efficient lighting fixtures, low-flush toilets, non-CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) HVAC systems, and solar panels on the roof of the vehicle shade structures.


The users of the building were given advice on how to maintain sustainability by implementing a building wide recycling program targeted at reducing the amount of waste entering landfills. The designers also provided designated smoking structures to cut down on cigarette smoke entering the atmosphere.


NARWHAL Coast Guard Facility:

The NARWHAL Coast Guard facility has been designed to LEED Gold standards. The new construction will aim to be completely “grid neutral”- relying on photovaultaic panels to generate enough energy to run the facility. The facility will also have low flush toilets and motion sensor powered light fixtures. The facility will be constructed from recycled materials, including an energy efficient roof.