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Our Interior Design team specializes in space planning, environmentally sustainable design, and finish and hardware selection. We consistently look for innovative new ways to incorporate sustainable elements in our designs, and often find new ways to save our clients money and reduce energy use.
With our extensive healthcare knowledge, we were pleased to aid the VA in the development of new standards of design in multiple areas:


PG-18-14: VA Finish and Hardware Schedule:

Developed New and Updated Design Standards for Interior Finishes and Door Hardware. Recent changes in VA Space Planning Criteria (PG-18-9) created an urgent need for the review and update of “Room Finishes, Door and Hardware Schedules,” (PG 18-14).  We wrote the guide to reinforce the mission of providing “Quality care second to none to our nation’s veterans”- in doing so we selected the highest quality materials and finishes to provide the most welcoming and nurturing environment in every VA facility.


We included measures specific safety features to certain facilities, such as frangible materials in Mental Health facilities, and specialized drainage fixtures in patient bathrooms to decrease accidents and injuries and increase patient comfort.


This update has helped increase not only the safety and comfort of these healthcare facilities, but has created a cohesive set of standards that the VA will follow for years to come, saving time and money and imposing a centralized visual brand across the nation.

VA Signage Design Guide:


KAL was tasked to update VA’s Signage Design Guide, which defines the principles of ‘Best Practice’ in wayfinding and signage and to illustrate the concepts that support these principles.  We were tasked with the development of new sections that would address new and emerging sign technologies for signing solutions. New sections included:
“You Are Here” maps and directions; Parking lot signs, National cemetery signs; and, Emerging sign technologies. This section will provide conceptual development towards the use of new products and technologies. It will also define appropriate applications. This section will be derived from industry inquiries and developments along with the VA facility requests for new solutions.
We updated and enhanced all current chapters to reflect current “Best Practice” from both the public and private sectors of the healthcare field.  We developed new pages to incorporate new interior and exterior sign types as directed and/or approved by the VA.